Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fuse days are back

One thing I get constantly asked about is the Fuse days that FuseSource used to do around Europe and the US, and now FuseSource is part of Red Hat would they still be happening? Well the answer is an emphatic YES! After taking some time to settle in and find out where the tea bags are hidden in the Red Hat middleware group its time to start things rolling again. We have been working out the messaging and integration strategy and will be have an engineering face to face meeting in Dublin, Ireland in week beginning the 23rd September 2013. Its short notice - but we could hold an impromptu Fuse day in Dublin that week.
You may even get to find out what we are doing in 2014 before the engineers!

Drop me a line if you want to attend - it'll be free - you just have to get yourself to Dublin. I'll be posting dates for upcoming Fuse days in Europe and the US over the next couple of weeks - now where's my cup of tea ...