Sunday, January 20, 2013

Timeline of Fuse projects

We often get asked to describe the history of FuseSource (now part of Red Hat), and the projects that we have created/supported. I often use the following picture in presentations, to describe the timeline:

So the next time I get asked - I can point them to this blog post - and I may even talk about the timeline at some upcoming events this year - including these in February:

One question we've been asked again and again since joining Red Hat is what's happening to the Fuse products - are they going to be consumed into JBoss existing product lines ? The answer is a categorical no - they aren't going anywhere - they are just going to get even more awesome! But more about that later ...

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Claus Ibsen said...

This is a great timeline. And sure impressive for how many years Fuse have done/does integration.

Though I wonder if Apache Karaf as a project is that old. I would assume it was years later it became a project, out of ServiceMix. Guillaume blogs here about Karaf in 2009:

I guess if you do any updates in the upcoming years you would have to add Apollo and HawtIO as they are great projects as well.