Wednesday, June 27, 2012

FuseSource - we are now part of Red Hat!

Firstly, it is really fantastic that Red Hat have announced they are acquiring FuseSource!

When Progress announced they were divesting its non core products and divisions back in February, FuseSource, being an leading open source integration provider, fell into the category of not been core to the Progress 4GL product strategy. FuseSource was already an independent entity, so whilst Progress prepared to go back to the future, FuseSource was already motoring in a separate direction. 

We've been talking to Red Hat for a while, and it is very apparent that combining our technologies would enable FuseSource to deliver a complete integration solution for our customers. There are many complimentary technologies (JBoss Enterprise BRMS) but also many overlaps. However, it is our aim to produce consolidated integration solutions that will dominate the integration space. FuseSource has over 200 customers, many large enterprises that are household names. We wouldn't be joining Red Hat if we didn't feel this was going to be the very best outcome for them. Secondly its important that the whole team feel comfortable with the acquisition. Red Hat are an open source company, its in their DNA. The JBoss Enterprise Middleware Group are a highly motivated like minded team. FuseSource will be a fantastic fit. I know we will work hard to get a consolidated roadmap over the next few months - I can't wait for us to start changing the way everybody does integration, its going to be a lot of hard work and a lot fun - but our users and customers are going to be the true winners from this acquisition!

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