Monday, May 07, 2012

Apache ActiveMQ 5.6 is released

Apache ActiveMQ is the most widely used open source messaging solution, with many organizations  using it for the reliable integration of applications across there enterprise infrastructure.

Today, Apache ActiveMQ 5.6 has been released - its been more than a year since the last point release. This release has over 370 issues resolved, with 130 improvements including:

  • LevelDB message store. LevelDB is a fast key-value library written by google, but the message store implementation that combines LevelDB with persistent message logs can be found in fuse-extras. This message store implementation can be five times faster than the default message store implementation - KahaDB.
  • MQTT support - MQTT is an extremely light weight messaging transport designed for machine to machine devices - I described this in more detail in an earlier post.
  • Stomp 1.1 support  - which adds heartbeats, NACK frames and support for virtual hosting.  
  • Configuration checks - providing warnings about incorrectly configured brokers
  • Prevention of denial of services attacks