Monday, January 31, 2011

FuseSource launches beta for Fuse IDE for Apache Camel

Fuse IDE will eventually come in a number of different flavours, for different aspects of of integration (Web and Restful services, messaging as well as supporting remote configuration). Initially the first flavour will be for Enterprise Integration Patterns, with direct support for defining integration routes within the excellent Apache Camel. James Strachan has already blogged about this, but we will also be adding the ability to debug camel routes in the near future.

At FuseSource we recommend you always start any integration project first with Apache Camel, but if you want  high availability, distributed routes or simply a managed container to deploy your integration application in, then deploy your camel routes inside ServiceMix.

The focus for FuseSource in 2011 is building even more value for our users, as well as continuing to extend the envelope for innovation through our Apache integration projects of Camel, ActiveMQ, CXF and ServiceMix.

Making development of integration applications even easier with Eclipse based tooling is just one thread of development we are following, as we build on our success of last year.