Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Apache ActiveMQ 5.3 Released!

ActiveMQ 5.3 is finally released - and probably the biggest lesson is that going forward, we need to release far more frequently!

Here are some highlights:
  • We are making it a lot more obvious how to scales brokers vertically, to 10s of thousands of Queues/Topics - by including more example configurations.
  • New incarnation of KahaDB one of the persistent options we support. This provides vastly improved recovery times and scalability.
  • We've upgraded to the latest and greatest Apache Camel 2.0 - allowing for enterprise integration patterns to be run right inside the worlds most popular message broker
  • Support for getting broker statistics from languages other than Java
  • Message Expiration support directly in-store (any message store - and we support a few)
  • More extensive advisory messages
  • Enhancements to Master/Slave - including  more flexibility for starting slave brokers
  • NIO and SSL support for the mostly widely supported messaging transport - STOMP
  • over 300 issues resolved since version 5.2
Apache ActiveMQ is used in thousands of production environments for delivering high performance and reliable messaging under extreme load. Being an Apache project, it is supported by a diverse community of developers with extensive knowledge of building messaging solutions. Why not go and give it a spin ? - try the latest download!

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I couldn't find a really good place to leave this question. Sorry.

The roadshow: James stole all the time, so the last few presentations were very f-short.

You mentioned something very interesting about OSGi. I understood you to say that the interfaces were dated, but the ___ was really good.

Yeah. I forgot what the ___ was.

Would you be willing to expand?

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