Friday, February 06, 2009

90's Retro is in!

Sometimes you just get distracted on some of the most mundane things - like design's of Logo's  Web Site etc.  Though when you start working for slightly larger organizations, you soon realize that there is a lot of things you don't know.

For example, I didn't realize that the 90's retro was back? I just came across this thread (pretty old I admit) about what constitutes a 90's look:
things like a swish, CAPITALIZATION , drop downs etc. 

So its refreshing that we have decided to be a head of the curve and will be adopting the 90's look again! Just of to get a mullet ....


Chris Custine said...

Hey, if hot pink preppy shirts can come back in style, mullets can't be too far behind. Now, who wants to be first to wear a mullet and start the trend? :-)

rpetersen said...

You haven't made it all the way back until you have "I Kiss YOU" displayed in multiple colors with the blink tag in use. And throw is some VRML while you're at it.