Saturday, December 13, 2008

Progress FUSE Open Source Team still Growing ...

Its been a hectic couple of months as we try and find our feet in Progress - but the Progress folks have done their best to make us feel part of their family. 

Progress has some great SOA technology, and we've been having some good cross-pollination of ideas with the Sonic folks and pulling together development plans so we can leverage Apama, Actional, Mindreef etc.

We've been growing the number of users and committers from Progress of our Apache projects - ActiveMQ,  Camel, ServiceMix, CXF etc.  The size of the team was already good from the IONA days - but we are always looking at extending our breadth and depth of Apache committers.

In the past couple of weeks we've been able to strengthen our ServiceMix team by dragging back Chris Custine and our ActiveMQ team have some great additions in Dejan Bosanac (who is one of the authors of ActiveMQ in Action) and Tim Bish (ActiveMQ CPP lead).

We have another one or two Apache commiters joining in the next few weeks too!

Btw - a common misconception of our FUSE Products is that you can only get them on subscription - which simply isn't true. They are drop in replacements for the Apache projects (same code mainly), same license, same cost (its FREE) - the only difference being we have more control over the releases.  Our enhancements and patches go into Apache first (we always want the Apache projects to gain the benefits of our investment) and then we pull in the deltas into the FUSE repos - selectively taking the deltas to build branches we release from.  This enables us to support our customers (users who want to have the benefit of our support in a timely manner) in development and production in the same way a closed source organization would :). Why not give them a try ? A lot (tens of thousands) of folks already have, as the gain the benefit of stable, regular releases. And if you don't like them - as they are just drop in replacements - just go back to the Apache versions.

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