Friday, May 30, 2008

SpecJMS2007 using ActiveMQ

There has been a need for an industry standard benchmark for message-oriented middleware that use the JMS API for a long time. SpecJMS2007, which came out October 2007 is the first - and we've been waiting for a JMS vendor to be the first to dip their toe and share their results.

An independent benchmark is important, because it negates the chance to skew home groan tests to a vendor's strengths. So I thought there would be a lot of interest in this - but it seems no one wants to be first - a bit like a 70's disco where folks are all scared to be the first to be on the dance floor - luckily that's a problem I've never had :)

So IONA Technologies are currently running SpecJMS2007 against Apache ActiveMQ - and we will be giving a webinar on Tuesday June 10th, about SpecJMS, ActiveMQ and some of the performance tuning you can do get maximize throughput and how you can use ActiveMQ 5.x as an EAI system, now that it embeds Apache Camel

If you can't make June 10th - the webinar will be available as part of Open Source SOA for the Enterprise series.

The actual results need to be verfied by Spec before they publish them - but I'll link to them once they've been verified.

BTW - I've found myself getting a little lazy on reading blogs, using twitter etc - I guess there's too much to follow. Which is why I've only just come across this blog - which gives a good summary on using routing and mediation with ActiveMQ.

IONA provides enterprise versions, support, services and training for ActiveMQ as well as ServiceMix, Camel and CXF - hence our desire to publish this work.