Thursday, April 17, 2008

Apache CXF graduates out of the Incubator!

Congratulations to Dan Kulp and the rest of the community for graduating CXF out of the incubator at Apache!

This is a big deal, its taken 20 months to finally prove that there is a vibrant and diverse community behind Apache CXF.

There's often this mis-conception that graduating from the incubator at Apache is related to the code's maturity (CXF has always been a very stable and mature product btw).

However, the Apache Software Foundation isn't about just the business friendly license, Apache projects have business friendly communities too. To get out of the incubator the project needs to have a diverse number of committers and develop code in a collaborative and meritocratic way. This ensures that a project is a vibrant entity in its own right, outside the influence of one company or an individual developer.

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