Saturday, December 13, 2008

Progress FUSE Open Source Team still Growing ...

Its been a hectic couple of months as we try and find our feet in Progress - but the Progress folks have done their best to make us feel part of their family. 

Progress has some great SOA technology, and we've been having some good cross-pollination of ideas with the Sonic folks and pulling together development plans so we can leverage Apama, Actional, Mindreef etc.

We've been growing the number of users and committers from Progress of our Apache projects - ActiveMQ,  Camel, ServiceMix, CXF etc.  The size of the team was already good from the IONA days - but we are always looking at extending our breadth and depth of Apache committers.

In the past couple of weeks we've been able to strengthen our ServiceMix team by dragging back Chris Custine and our ActiveMQ team have some great additions in Dejan Bosanac (who is one of the authors of ActiveMQ in Action) and Tim Bish (ActiveMQ CPP lead).

We have another one or two Apache commiters joining in the next few weeks too!

Btw - a common misconception of our FUSE Products is that you can only get them on subscription - which simply isn't true. They are drop in replacements for the Apache projects (same code mainly), same license, same cost (its FREE) - the only difference being we have more control over the releases.  Our enhancements and patches go into Apache first (we always want the Apache projects to gain the benefits of our investment) and then we pull in the deltas into the FUSE repos - selectively taking the deltas to build branches we release from.  This enables us to support our customers (users who want to have the benefit of our support in a timely manner) in development and production in the same way a closed source organization would :). Why not give them a try ? A lot (tens of thousands) of folks already have, as the gain the benefit of stable, regular releases. And if you don't like them - as they are just drop in replacements - just go back to the Apache versions.

Monday, September 15, 2008

IONA FUSE Open Source Group now offically part of Progress

Progress completed its acquisition of IONA Technologies last Friday. The FUSE open source group will be running as its own business unit as part of the Progress Software Corporation - so we are still operating as before - but with considerably more investment.

Progress saw the number and quality of enterprise customers we have using our integration products, saw that we consistently met and exceeded our sales targets and realized our potential to grow significantly.

So although we currently employee a lot of open source developers - we will be recruiting even more - and have some exciting new software projects in development for release in 2009 :)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Most useful iphone app I'm using to date - is Vicinity

I'm behind most folks in upgrading to an iphone 3G - but the most useful iphone app I'm currently using is vicinity - its locates all the useful things you need if you on the road and  find yourself in a strange place  (restaurant, cafes, bars, stores, taxis, banks etc) - it integrates very well Maps too - I highly recommend it! 

There's a nice overview here.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Early Access to ActiveMQ in Action

There's early access to some chapters from the book ActiveMQ in Action - on the Manning Early Access Program - MEAP.

The book is aimed to be a  practical guide to ActiveMQ, explaining the best practices for configuring brokers and clients, common gotchas  - how many times do we need to explain that one ? ;) -  broker persistence models, topologies, tuning,  security and integration with containers such as JBoss, GlassFish and Geronimo.

Friday, May 30, 2008

SpecJMS2007 using ActiveMQ

There has been a need for an industry standard benchmark for message-oriented middleware that use the JMS API for a long time. SpecJMS2007, which came out October 2007 is the first - and we've been waiting for a JMS vendor to be the first to dip their toe and share their results.

An independent benchmark is important, because it negates the chance to skew home groan tests to a vendor's strengths. So I thought there would be a lot of interest in this - but it seems no one wants to be first - a bit like a 70's disco where folks are all scared to be the first to be on the dance floor - luckily that's a problem I've never had :)

So IONA Technologies are currently running SpecJMS2007 against Apache ActiveMQ - and we will be giving a webinar on Tuesday June 10th, about SpecJMS, ActiveMQ and some of the performance tuning you can do get maximize throughput and how you can use ActiveMQ 5.x as an EAI system, now that it embeds Apache Camel

If you can't make June 10th - the webinar will be available as part of Open Source SOA for the Enterprise series.

The actual results need to be verfied by Spec before they publish them - but I'll link to them once they've been verified.

BTW - I've found myself getting a little lazy on reading blogs, using twitter etc - I guess there's too much to follow. Which is why I've only just come across this blog - which gives a good summary on using routing and mediation with ActiveMQ.

IONA provides enterprise versions, support, services and training for ActiveMQ as well as ServiceMix, Camel and CXF - hence our desire to publish this work.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Apache CXF graduates out of the Incubator!

Congratulations to Dan Kulp and the rest of the community for graduating CXF out of the incubator at Apache!

This is a big deal, its taken 20 months to finally prove that there is a vibrant and diverse community behind Apache CXF.

There's often this mis-conception that graduating from the incubator at Apache is related to the code's maturity (CXF has always been a very stable and mature product btw).

However, the Apache Software Foundation isn't about just the business friendly license, Apache projects have business friendly communities too. To get out of the incubator the project needs to have a diverse number of committers and develop code in a collaborative and meritocratic way. This ensures that a project is a vibrant entity in its own right, outside the influence of one company or an individual developer.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things I'm looking forward to this Spring ...

We have been keeping our heads down, ignoring (and sometimes laughing at) the gossip around Iona OS group, and keeping our focus on our Apache projects these past few months.

Things bubbling up and to keep an eye out for:

ServiceMix 4.0 - whilst keeping JBI very much a first class citizen, there is tighter integration with Apache Camel - making integration even easier - whilst allowing room for JBI 2.0 and SCA to be co-located in the future. Milestone 1 should be released in Apache very, very soon. Guillaume and Bruce did a good talk about this recently at ApacheCon.

ActiveMQ 5.1 - lots, and lots of late nights and weekends ironing out some complex use cases from our users - which has really helped us harden this enterprise class messaging system - thx Hiram! Look out for this release over the next couple of days.

CXF - both graduating from Apache incubator (fingers crossed Dan!) - and releasing 2.1 - which will be supporting JAX-WS 2.1, JAXB 2.1 etc.

and Camel just did a 1.3 release with tons of new features (yay James!).

Things I'm not looking forward to:

Leeds Utd missing promotion - I know its going to happen :(

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Great ActiveMQ and ServiceMix Training

Iona is running some public training courses in both London and the Boston area:

London,UK March 11-14
Waltham, MA March 17-20

This is a good opportunity for architects and developers to gain hands on experience of using a JBI based ESB (ServiceMix) and the most popular messaging system (ActiveMQ).

Don't get confused by the FUSE branding, Iona builds and fully tests Apache ServiceMix (FUSE ESB), Apache ActiveMQ(FUSE Message Broker) as well as Apache Camel (FUSE Mediation Router) and Apache CXF (FUSE Services Framework).

These are essentially the Apache versions, but with some more system tests and documentation.