Monday, May 01, 2006

Filters for JMX over JMS in Lingo

Just going through some code in lingo and realised that I'd only half put in support for specifiying group and server names for the JMS destination used for communicating between the JMX Connector and Connector server - Doh!

By default any MBean Server using the Lingo Connector will be logically grouped and results of operations and attribute values will be averaged - which can be handy for looking at server stats - e.g. average memory usage across a cluster.

As Lingo's JMX over JMS uses wildcards, by using the destinationGroupName and destinationServerName properties, you can restrict the view from the connector.

On the server side - it would be good practice to always specify the group name and server name, then depending on what the client side connector wants to view, specify exact matches or wild cards.

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