Friday, May 31, 2013

Connecting Applications Everywhere with ActiveMQ

This year at CamelOne there's going to be some exceptional presentations,  but I'm also presenting "Connecting Applications Everywhere with ActiveMQ".

The focus of this presentation is to demonstrate the many protocol options and deployment scenarios that are available to Apache ActiveMQ. After an introduction to the Apache ActiveMQ project, and presenting why the "Internet of Things"is going to be driving the agenda for integration and messaging over the next 5 years, I'll be demonstrating an example application, going from an Arduino Microprocessor using MQTT to a MQTT/AMQP ActiveMQ gateway and to an ActiveMQ broker that will service HTML clients over WebSockets - something like this:

With so many linked components in a live demo - what could go wrong ? ;)

I'm hoping to catch up with lots of folks at CamelOne - if you haven't registered, its not too late!


Unfortunately at this year's CamelOne  there wasn't any video recordings of sessions. Sharing slides is easy, but you do a demo you need video. Luckily I managed to re-create the whole CamelOne presentation and demo in a DevZone webinar - the video of which is below:

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