Monday, January 04, 2010

Apache ActiveMQ 2009 in Numbers

So Claus started this with his blog on Apache Camel - 2009 in numbers - so I'd thought it would be interesting to do the same with ActiveMQ (does not include ActiveMQ C#, C++ or Stomp sub-projects). The numbers are not as good as Camel - but still good:

Number of posts to the ActiveMQ user forum in 2009: 4440
Number of posts to the ActiveMQ dev forum in 2009:  4447
Number of commits in 2009:  2893
Number of downloads 2009: - hard to know (because of Apache mirrors) - but about 60k a month

Number of tickets created in 2009 - 505 (295 of these are resolved)
Number of resolved issues in 2009 - 467

We didn't quiet manage to resolve more issues than were raised - but this is because as a community, until very recently we have been very lax at accepting issues - so a lot of issues raised don't even have the version, let alone the environment or a test case! If a test case is attached - we can usually resolve an issue very quickly - its reproducing the issue that always takes the time.


Tony Maley said...

Impressive numbers! so what targets / hopes do you have for this year coming?

Unknown said...

Main short term aim will be to prune the issues list - there seems to a lot of duplicates.

Also - there's some good stuff coming up with ActiveMQ 6 - due out sometime this year.

Darren Davison said...

my personal experience with AMQ issues is somewhat different to that with Camel. Here's one example (, where the issue is clear, it's repeatable, a solution and patch are attached, and it's been totally ignored. :(

I know it's just one example, but surely this is low hanging fruit in terms of issue resolution.

Unknown said...

Hi Darren,

it's not ignored. I just scheduled it for 5.3.1.


Dejan Bosanac said...

It's fixed now. Thanks for pointing to it.